We have invested in what we consider one of our most significant advancements during our almost 8 decades of business. Through this same prism of collective courage | commitment | care that has been the cornerstone of the CRG principles, we opened in 2018 an Academy on behalf of tens of thousands disengaged young adults.

 A Special Assistance School, co supported by the Australian & South Australian Government. And where Learning and Wellbeing professionals deliver a unique and relatable program to 90 students, in the heart of Adelaide.

This is a Place that reflects the very same ideals that we typify in our stores. Engage | encourage | empower. 

In our case everything that we do comes from a deep understanding and clarity about community and place. But for a lifetime our family has understood and united communities, bonded relationships and delivered world-class standards.

It’s in our DNA. Indeed being an independent grocer provides one the platform, an opportunity BUT also a responsibility to create something truly reflective – for all our stakeholders to be a part of, be proud of.

This team, our business, pushes deep, provokes deliberately and we are okay with the concept of ‘flying the plane and building it at the same time’.

At its very core we realise how important it is to build relationships with our suppliers, producers, growers and community. With mutual trust and respect. Truly, a great privilege. And we thank many who support us and our objectives.

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