We know our stuff.

CRG is highly regarded for its development and retailing operations in South Australia as well as its community involvement. Our group has over 60 year’s continuous involvement in shopping centre development and retailing.

With this experience we understand that amenity and a pleasant shopping experience has a direct positive impact on our operations. The development of a viable and robust retail operation and the maintenance of a quality public environment are considered to be interrelated factors that will benefit both the community and the business. The group’s wealth of experience is unmatched. The history in retail is unique in many ways. One of the first retailers to pioneer and convert to self-service grocery stores, implement scanning systems and offer fully operational in-store bakeries. Experience includes supermarkets, butcher and fruit & veg stores, delicatessens, fresh seafood, fast foods, health foods, bakeries, fashion and restaurants. CRG also operates the leading online supermarket in South Australia (

The reason for CRG’s Success – Commitment

A commitment to quality
Purchasing from the produce markets in Adelaide since 1958, and still today the group has buyers that purchase six days a week from the Produce Markets. Having unsurpassed experience within the fresh food industry, all of the fresh food departments offer an extensive range, backed with a quality and freshness guarantee.

A commitment to our customers
The only true supermarket group in Australia that offers the convenience of access to a huge range of local and imported hard-to-find continental lines under the one roof and at competitive prices. Development of an online Supermarket,, exemplifies the innovativeness of the group and its commitment to extending choice to its customers

A commitment to investment in marketing
Strongly focused on marketing of our businesses, with continuous promotion and marketing of our business week in, week out for 30 years.

A commitment to continuous improvement
Leads the Retail Industry in supermarket design, and is committed to the constant reassessment, research and implementation of new ideas, innovations and decors throughout the redevelopment of the stores. The objective is to design a store that offers original and fresh ideas, in supermarket design and technology and above all provide convenient shopping.

A commitment to the community
Focused on and proudly supports the local community, through sponsorship and assistance to schools, sporting clubs, social clubs and events.
Incorporated Youthinc in 2006, a charity dedicated to supporting, assisting and raising awareness of South Australia’s disadvantaged youth.

A commitment to its staff
Endeavour to supply all our staff and contractors with optimal working conditions, ongoing support and focused direction. A Human Resources department continuously assesses CRG workplaces and keeps abreast of legislative changes to ensure that health and safety is optimized and designs and training manuals and programs are implemented.