CRG Mission & Values

CRG Story

The CRG vision has led directly to our success; it is because of our vision that CRG has become what we are over some 60 years and now more importantly what we want to be.

Competent and accomplished at researching and developing the physical aspects of the business such as the building and fit-out design and decors and construction (bricks and mortar), the plant, the equipment, the contracts and the procedures. It’s the intangible parts that define CRG and what our vision will continue to be. This incorporates our standards, our expectations, our people and of course our customers. It is all about passion! What drives us, why we love what we do, why we look forward to spending our time in the businesses and with our colleagues and peers. We have our own and unique ‘DNA’ and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of genetic cells. They have been developed over 60 years and are entrenched and a part of the way we do business. Holding the PRINCIPLES in such high regard ultimately means the highest quality and standards of service that consistently meet our customers’ needs.

CRG Vision

‘we love what we do’ – this simply summaries what CRG is and what our vision is.
CRG is delivering on and very proud of our high standards, our experience and know how and the results. Our passion, our standards, our expectations, our people and of course our customer drives CRG, we love our work and enjoy spending time with our colleagues and piers. We like to see our work and efforts speak for themselves, and what’s important to us is that our staff and our customers are recognized and valued.

What sets us a part is that we are good at listening and communicating, we are close to our customers, our people and our corporate partners we are clear about what is expected and what is not. We have created strong ties and respect with these groups and in particular we are proud of the many personal relationships.

CRG Mission

To deliver a unique shopping experience in our centers and supermarkets offering value, service, range and quality to our customers, professionalism to our suppliers and associates, social and environmental responsibility to our community and career opportunities and a safe and caring workplace to our staff.

‘we love what we do’
The CRG is driven by its passion for the retail and property industry.
We are committed to long term projects, motivated by building strong partnerships, unwavering in executing quality and guided by CORE values ensuring integrity.
We find fulfilment in supporting the local community and gratification comes because we love what we do.

CRG Core Values

  • Customer comes first
  • Our community deserves world class standards
  • Responsibility to our community & environment
  • Empowering our people & passion about what you do