Property Development

We know our stuff.

Been continuously involved in the retail and property development sector since January 1951.

Over these years has built a significant partnership and client base through its commercial operations. The group is highly regarded in the retail industry; with a proven track record of success. Their success emanates from the value and respect they have for their employees, their customers and their local community.

The reason for CRG’s Success – Commitment

CRG brings a number of core values to projects, particularly stability and long term commitment. As owners and operators we are interested in the longer term rewards associated with investing in developments. CRG is known for its ability to undertake the most demanding and complex of projects and turn them into a successful reality.

A commitment to continuous improvement

The objective:
Design a retail centre and store that offers original and fresh ideas in design, comfort, convenience and technology. Above all provide convenient shopping.

• Passionate team committed to doing whatever is required to make projects a success
• Proudly independent and locally owned and managed, exemplifying a proactive and continuous approach with improvement and standard setting, as well as rapid response
• Corporate Responsibility with focus on design and operations of all retail applications incorporating the world’s best standards in ESD proven methods
• Innovations and technology by committing to reassessment, research and implementation of new ideas, innovations and decors
• Customer information and communication using Multi Media and Social Media applications
• Function and lifestyle that caters for and provides an environment and shopping experience that is original and exclusive, one that the community looks forward to patronising and involving themselves in the experience of lifestyle and food

A commitment to quality
CRG is committed to building quality enduring and aesthetically pleasing shopping centres. This commitment was publicly recognized when we were awarded the Inaugural gold award in the 2000 Property Council Awards for Munno Para Shopping City. One look at this property demonstrates the attention to detail that is crucial in any development.

Recognizing the need to have a more hands on role & relationship’s, in 2002 incorporated Australian Asset Management Services (AAMS). Managing all operations, standards and leasing. Encourage the innovativeness and distinctive ideas that come with all stakeholders’ contribution.