CRG History

In 1951 the Chapley family launched their first business venture, when they purchased a run down café  in the small NSW town of Moulamein. Within a short period of time, the “Wattle Café” as it was known started to grow into a thriving business and provide income and opportunities for the family.

Then, in 1954, the family bought a mixed business store in Red Cliffs, providing customers with produce, deli and grocery lines. They decided to expand the store and make it self-service. Over the years, other general stores in the town became self-service as well. In 1968, they acquired another store that was twice the size of their Redcliffs one which meant that other departments could be introduced, like meat, variety and liquor. This store had eight checkouts and 40 full-time employees. Being innovators in the town brought about some of its own challenges, such as how and where to source supplies for the meat department. The solution was to hire their own slaughter-man, and organise their own transport to the supermarket for the butcher to turn it into the required supermarket cuts. A year later the community was being supplied several thousand lamb, pork and beef bodies per week at retail and wholesale level.

The focus still remained on the supermarket. So in late 1978, the store in Redcliffs Victoria and the meat wholesale business were sold in preparation for the move to Adelaide in 1979.

The last 30 years; 1979 – 2016
Today the CRG history in retail is unique in many aspects, we continue to drive and deliver on “World-Class” standards and retail facilities.

Over these years in conjunction with supermarket operations the group have established and operated butcher and fruit & veg stores, service delicatessens, fast foods, health foods, bakeries and restaurants. As well as retail the group has been involved in meat wholesaling, small goods manufacturing, market garden and horticulture. We know our food! With over 60 years in handling food their wealth of experience is unmatched. Our experience in retail is unique… we have grown, prepared, served, manufactured, wholesaled and retailed food.

Some reasons for the success;
• Have been purchasing from the produce markets in Adelaide since 1958, and still today the group has three buyers that purchase six days a week from the Produce Markets.
• Having unsurpassed experience within the meat industry, the Meat departments offer the most extensive range of meat cuts and the business backs this with the quality and freshness guaranteed.
• The only true supermarket group in Australia that offers the convenience and accessibility to a huge range of local and imported continental lines hard to find elsewhere, at competitive prices further providing convenient one stop shopping.
• Operating in the stores are in-store hot bread Bakery departments. All the range is prepared from scratch by trained bakers, ensuring freshness and low prices.
• Lead the Australian supermarket on-line offer by establishing in 2004 today it provides customers and licensees a proven  and professional online supermarket model
• Proudly support the local community, focused and committed on its schools, sporting clubs, social clubs and events.
• Strongly focused on marketing of their business, the Chapleys have continuously promoted and marketed their business week in week out for 30 years