CRG Structure


  • CRG Finance and Admin department
  • CRG Property Management
  • CRG Executive Management Group (Retail Operations, Marketing, Buying and Promotions)

CRG and AFS Services

The objective is about creating the accessibility and flexibility to meet the wants and the needs of our customer. More importantly we excel in embracing and promoting the sophisticated and multicultural society that our country has become. Our Adelaide’s finest supermarkets brand is a lifestyle choice and not just based on price. We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. We want to meet or exceed their expectations on every shopping trip and to serve competently, efficiently, knowledgeably and with flair. We can generate greater appreciation and loyalty from all of our stakeholders by educating them about cultural, natural and organic foods, health, nutrition and the environment.

Adelaide’s finest supermarkets offer value to customers by providing them with high quality products, extraordinary service and a competitive price. We constantly innovate and raise our retail standards and are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts. We create store environments that are inviting and enjoyable, and reflect the communities they serve. We want our stores to become community places in which our customers meet their friends and make new ones.

CRG stands for excellence and consistency and will not accept anything less. Quality and choice is a priority in achieving our customers’ satisfaction and will only be successful through following our Quality Assurance (QA) system and continually looking for ways to improve it and ensure that our organization continues to achieve optimum operating conditions.