About CRG

CRG – A diversified corporation

From its origins in 1951 as a family owned and operated business, the group has grown into one of the best and regarded retailers and developers in the country. Its diverse business operations cover: supermarkets, on-line stores, shopping centre development and retail / shopping centre management. The objective of the CRG is to provide high standards and value to all its stakeholders.

The company aims to achieve this by:

    • CRG is an employer of choice.
    • Express what we want to be famous for to strengthen our competitive advantage.
    • Define and improve the image and brand of CRG and its entities.
    • Recognized as a socially responsible business.
    • Ensure CRG embraces it’s core values, ethics and workplace standards.
    • Maintain and build our relationships with suppliers, tenants, service providers and customers.
    • Use leading edge technologies to efficiently and effectively meet our business objectives.
    • Adopt efficient and appropriate business and operational processes.
    • Develop, grow and manage change and risk.

    The Commercial Retail Group (‘CRG’) is a family company that has been involved in the retail and property development sector for some sixty years. As a successful South Australian business, we understand that “attitude” and “approach” are vital elements in any development and that this needs to suit the community within which they operate. Our achievements over these years have been recognised by our industry, peers and community alike and the group have proudly accepted numerous awards and recognitions.

    Success is attributed not only to a smart and practical understanding of our business but also to:
    • The commitment that comes with a long term interest;
    • The importance of quality design;
    • The understanding that strong partnership are crucial to success; and
    • Recognition of the importance of community.