Environmental Commitment

We are serious about our community and treat our corporate responsibility with upmost importance. To this end we have committed to the world’s best environmental practices, vigorous R&D and smart design.
We create a high level of design and fit-out that clearly sets out and articulates “Adelaide’s finest Supermarkets” branding, features, fittings, textures and lighting/ lux level criteria. A unique mix of environmentally sustainable building practices and customer orientated services are what makes Adelaide’s finest supermarkets a leader in the supermarket sector. We have lowered our carbon footprint and still offer world class services to our customers.

We have identified the need to reduce environmentally harmful refrigeration gases by using appropriate cooling transmission system. Refrigerant gases have been specifically targeted by the Kyoto Protocol as they have a very high Global Warming Potential (GWP).For example C02 has a GWP of 1 but R134A a common refrigerant gas has a GWP of 1300.

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry consumed about 45,000 GWh, or about 22% of all electricity sent out in Australia in 2006. This equates to about 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Australia for that year. New and improved refrigeration system will give significant energy savings which will help decrease green house gas emissions.

Sustainable Packaging Guidelines
We are dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging. We endeavour to utilise packaging systems that encourage a sustainable flow of materials. A Measurement criteria is considered for aspects such as material health, carbon dioxide /greenhouse gas emissions and end of life options.
Of course we also consider household practicality and local council disposing and recycling initiatives. Our approach includes only offering durable and domestic practical reusable shopping bag products.